A new distillery with a twist has opened in Waterbury.

Continuum Distilling is a small batch distillery that recently opened for business near the end of February at 2066 Thomaston Ave. in Waterbury. I asked head distiller Brandon Collins, who's a chemist by trade, "What sets your distillery apart from all the others?" Here's what Brandon told me:

During every part of our process, we strive to reuse and re-purpose, whether its the equipment we use or the materials we reclaim from our brewery partners to produce truly unique spirits.

The main focus of Continuum Distilling is to make aged and white spirits from reclaimed beer. They call this process, "consistent inconsistency," because the taste of their spirits is determined by the style of the beer that the breweries are making at any given time.  

According to an article on ctbites.com, the primary ingredients determine both the flavor of the spirits and how Continuum treats them. Reviews on their FB page give them a straight 5 out of 5.

To get the complete lowdown on their spirits and how they're crafted, click on continuumdistilling.com.

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Continuum Distilling FB Photo Used with Permission...
Continuum Distilling FB Photo Used with Permission...

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