In some much-needed good news, for once, for Waterbury's Brass Mill Center Mall, something that the city desperately needs more of, a seafood restaurant, has recently opened up their doors. In the space that was formerly occupied by Bertucci's, The Boilery Seafood & Grill is now serving up some interesting items that you'd have a tough time finding on the average fast-food menu: Snow Crab Legs, King Crab Legs, Blue Crab, Grilled Oysters, and Po Boy Sandwiches. I know, I'm hungry now too.

Here's a closer look at Waterbury's new seafood restaurant

One particular item that's on their menu that I really want to try, is the grilled whole Branzino. I'm hoping that they are sourcing their Branzino from Waterbury's Ideal Fish, whenever I see it on a menu, which is rare, I always ask.

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