When I tell people my last name, which is Baltrush, I'm usually met with 'Huh? What was that again?". I know it's unusual, it's Eastern European. I'm a Polish/Italian mutt from Waterbury. Growing up eating both Italian and Polish cuisine is where I earned my nickname Large Dave. Each cuisine has their own special cheese-stuffed pasta, and one of the staples of Polish cuisine is the Pierogi. Basically, it's a boiled or fried dumpling, stuffed with any sort of veggies, cheeses, and meat that you'd like. I've mostly found pierogies at street fairs in New Britain, The Big E, and in the freezer section of grocery stores. But I came across some exciting news today in my Facebook feed.

Pierogies on Wheels, a food truck in operation since 2014, has announced that they are planting their roots and opening up a brick and mortar location that they've dubbed The Rogie Shoppe, deep in the Naugatuck Valley at 55 Bridge Street, Unit 1R, in Shelton, on July 28, 2020.

Taking a quick peek at their older food truck menu, which I'm sure will be updated for the restaurant, they keep their Signature Pierogi ingredients simple and classic: Potato and Farmer's Cheese, Ground Pork, and the one that I'm sure Mrs. Large is going to order: Sauerkraut and Mushroom. Oh man, load them up with sour cream and sauteed onions on top? That's a lunch I'd take over a boring grinder or burger any day. Good luck Rogie Shoppe, I'll be seeing you very soon.

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