With the sad truth that the opioid crisis isn't going away any time soon, any initiative, in my mind, is a move forward.

The reality is that all around the United States opioid abuse and death is running rampant. I certainly don't know what the answer to solving and eventually eradicating the crisis is. But I do know we need to do more to tackle the disease known as drug addiction.

Accepting it as the disease it is would be a huge step forward. Connecticut's Governor's office just put out a press release at ct.gov, about the launch of a new statewide opioid and prescription drug abuse awareness campaign. Governor Malloy had this to say:

Opioid addiction and prescription drug misuse is a disease that is impacting nearly every community and people of every background. It is a complex crisis that does not have one root cause, nor does it have simple solution, but we need to do everything in our power to treat and prevent it. Our work on this front will not be finished until our communities and our families are no longer struggling with the grave costs of this illness

The campaign is called Change the Script, and is designed to help battle the crisis caused by the misuse of opioids and prescription drugs. The aim is to change public perception and thinking about opioid use disorder and accept it as a chronic disease.

Over one thousand people died from drug overdoses in Connecticut in 2017 alone. Too many lives lost and families hearts shattered. May 2018 be the year of change.

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