With today's partial reopening, we're all going to get out into public spaces that have been unavailable to us for almost two months. There is going to be a heck of an increase in the cleaning of public surfaces from now on, but I've noticed that I feel uneasy about touching some surfaces. Most notable door handles, and ATM or any other machine buttons. I came across something in my Facebook feed that really caught my eye today, and it's from one of my oldest friends who happens to owns the business that this cool product is available at. Lori Dodge Green and I have known each other since Holy Cross High School. She is the owner of Gifted, which is located at 900 Straits Turnpike in Middlebury. She posted this to her Facebook page:

This really hit me when I saw it, it's such a simple design, and it directly addressed two of the main fears that I still get weirded out about in the new coronavirus age. I wear my masks, I have my hand sanitizer, so I do feel protected, there's just that unease in my brain when it comes to opening doors, and punching buttons on ATM's or machines. Anyway, we're all about supporting local business, and personally, I am really about supporting greater Waterbury businesses, and I hope Lori can get you one of these too, because I'm ordering one. Check out her Gifted website, and order one by clicking here.

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