We started with a field of 32 of the most acclaimed and beloved TV shows of all time. In the end there can only be one champ and that is Seinfeld. Seinfeld beat out All in the Family by a narrow margin.


This is what the bracket looked like when we started back in March.


I'd like to accept the Championship trophy from I-95 on behalf of the Seinfeld team. After many phone calls it's clear Jerry Seinfeld will not talk to me, neither will Julia, Michael, Jason or Larry. I'd like to dedicate the victory to Jerry Stiller who passed away last week.

The Ethan and Lou Show listeners were surprised by how little we spoke of Jerry's passing and there was a reason for that. I think I'm actually really sad about it and I am sure many of you are. Seinfeld has never been just a TV show to me but a way of life.

For better or worse, I've formulated my attitude and opinions in a Seinfeld way. The show influenced me to analyze why things are funny and try and find more just like them. It showed me that the simplest of topics and concepts can really be the funniest. If it wasn't for Seinfeld I don't think I'd be here everyday telling jokes and stories about nothing and Jerry Stiller's "Frank Costanza" character was a huge part of that.

Try saying you worked out with a dumbbell yesterday and make it funny, I dare you.

Rest in peace Jerry, here's to hoping there's a closet full of cabana wear waiting for you in heaven.

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