It was one of the hottest human (not human) interest stories in the summer of 2012 and Reddit has recaptured the glory of "Lucky Larry." Recently there's been a spike in comments about "Luck Larry" on the front page of the internet and we will get to those after a refresher course on Larry. According to the NY Post: 

  • Larry was a 17 pound lobster awaiting his fate in a tank at a Waterford, CT restaurant.
  • The local Waterford children gave the crustacean his nickname "Lucky Larry."
  • Larry was purchased by Niantic resident Don Mackenzie and released back into the ocean in the summer of 2012.

Here are some of my favorite hot new (2020) Reddit takes on "Lucky Larry."

Academic Pepper

He then went on to become a body builder in a small town called Bikini Bottom.


Lucky Larry's cousin, Unlucky Urman


I went on a family vacation and it was the first time my brother and I were both over 21 and able to drink. We ended up getting so hammered at dinner that we agreed we needed to do something. We grabbed the salt shakers from the table, walked out the restaurant to the beach, and were pouring salt shakers into the ocean saying "You're free now.". My dad doesn't let us drink on vacation anymore.


I'm convinced people don't actually like lobster, they just want a vehicle for their melted butter.


That's just disinformation spread by people like me. Seriously though, boil 13 minutes for the first pound, then 3 minutes for every pound beyond that. For example, a 5 lb lobster would boil for 25 minutes. Plunge into ice water for 1 minute, then let the orgy begin.


Thanks for the story, now if a Godzilla sized lobster comes out of the depths of the ocean I know who to blame.


Lobsters are the d---heads of the sea. Everything else leaves you alone or flees, lobsters always want to fight.

This is why I love Reddit, an 8 year old story about a lobster becomes new again and delivers monster laughs. Thank you Reddit, thank you CT, we all need this right now.

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