I commute between Torrington and Brookfield daily for work, and the only spot in my new drive that gives me agita is the damn Still River Drive roundabout in New Milford.

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I can't begin to tell you how many times that I've had to slam on my brakes, and yell "OH MY GOD"  as someone either pulls out in front of me, through their Yield sign, or nearly rear-ended the person in front of me when they almost get clipped. Come on everyone, it's basic - if there's no one coming from your left, go. Also, yield does not mean, hey, go ahead, drive 30 through here either, but it doesn't mean stop either.

That's the give and take beauty of the roundabout, there's supposed to be an order of vehicles flowing through the turns. With 4 lanes of traffic converging on Still River Drive, Pickett District Road, and Lanesville Road, the majority of which stays on Still River Drive, this is a very busy intersection. Maybe people are still remembering how this area was over 4 years ago? Here's a Google Street view of the intersection of Pickett District and Still River from 2014. The roundabout was completed in August, 2018.


I know a terrible accident occurred here during the afternoon drive within the past month or so. What is the solution? There's yield signs at every focal point, so, what else can be done? Big D.O.T Yield signs? Maybe a sarcastic sign like Roxbury has on Wellers Bridge Road? Something like "Hey, slow down and yield, seriously, come on."? What I know is that the Still River roundabout is the only place where my knuckles turn white on my daily commute.

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