Every week, we feature an adoptable Dog or Cat from the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford. Since we only do our "Pet of the Week" segment once a week, there are many dogs that haven't been able to visit us here in the studio.

Here are Five Dogs that would love to find their new forever homes. They are all available now at the Animal Welfare Society on Dodd Street in New Milford.

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    Frosty is a Maltese who has just had his 7th birthday.  He's happy and lively and loves just about everybody, a really great dog. There is nothing he would like better than to be with someone in his new forever home.

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    He's a German Shepherd who came to the AWS from Arkansas. He has a Vitamin B12 deficiency, and has just started having B12 injections, which he will need for life (only 1 a month). He is a fun-loving boy who deserves a better life than he has previously had, and a forever home of his own will work wonders for him.

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    Treasure is a gorgeous young Husky from the South. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with heart-worm and will have to stay at the shelter for treatment, however, he is accepting visitors and would love to have a forever home waiting for him when his treatment is over.

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    Jimmy's life fell apart recently when he took himself out for a walk and couldn't find his way back again.  He is safe and sound now at the AWS, and has made himself at home. He is an older gentleman and is sweet natured and loving, he enjoys his walks, his time outside and of course his meals. He is looking for a safe forever home where he can be loved and valued member of the family.

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    Rusev is an older gentleman who came to the AWS from a rescue in West Virginia. He is very sensitive and just wants someone to snuggle with! This guy is so fun and easy going, as well as being a HUGE foodie! Rusev is looking for a forever home and someone who will buy him sunglasses and take him for a stroll down the street, could that be you?