Huge congratulations, major high-five, and now let's do Lunch!

New Milford resident, Carolyn O'Brien, can take a psychic's prediction to the bank in a very, very big way. She is $3,000,000 richer, thanks to a winning lottery ticket and said prediction, as reported by

A few years back, Carolyn went to see a psychic. Sometimes, we all need a look into our future for reassurance of where our life is going. O'Brien had this to say about the visit in the press release from the CT Lottery: 

She grabbed my arm and said, "I see you with a check in your hand cheering ‘I did it!'"

Fast forward to 2017, and a "$3,000,000 Royale" instant CT Lottery ticket purchased at AARI Foods INC in New Milford and the unimaginable. Carolyn O'Brien also told the lottery:

I played it in the car and started screaming and dancing! We pulled the car over cheering and I stared sobbing like a baby.

Cheers to the O'Brien's great fortune in winning the grand prize of $3,000,000. I love a feel-good story, don't you? Can't lie, though -- I sure do wish it was me.

Now, she almost has enough money to buy this home and still stay in New Milford:

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