Imagine looking up onto Candlewood Mountain and seeing 60,000 solar panels.

I first reported on this story in November of 2017 when New Milford was still considering their options. A company based in Massachusetts called, Ameresco Candlewood Solar has proposed to build a 20-megawatt solar farm on Candlewood Mountain. The following video will give you an idea of what Ameresco is proposing.

According to a recent article in the News Times, New Milford has decided to block the Candlewood Mountain solar project because of the detrimental effects on the environment. The entire project would affect 163 acres of land and would require the destruction of 54 acres of core forestland.

The project was actually approved by the Connecticut Siting Council in December of 2017. The Council evaluates applications for energy, telecommunications, and hazardous waste projects. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection(DEEP) is currently reviewing New Milford's petition.

According to an article that appeared in the News Times in August of 2018, the power company and the company that owns the land would pay the town $2.7 million over the 20-year life of the solar farm. Mayor Pete Bass and town officials seem to think that the solar farm will not be approved by DEEP.

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