This video was posted to Youtube last week by famvid789, but judging by the green leaves, it was shot much earlier. The user says it was shot in New Milford, CT and he shouts at the bear about a "little teenage delinquent."

This dude has an air horn, is talking about other bears and based on his comments to the bear, this is not his first rodeo. I dig this guy's style. He put enough thought into it to get it on film, shouts words that he thinks the bear can understand and is on the verge of swearing several times. RESPECT.

I'm a little confused about the "teenage delinquent" comment. I want this to mean the following:

  • This man is leaving massive meals in the backyard on purpose.
  • This bear and a "teenage delinquent" (human) have been competing for the meals.
  • On this particular day, the teenager won.
  • He replaced the meal soon after the bear left.

What it probably means is that some food got left out by accident, he witnessed a smaller bear getting the food and now he's telling the big bear to piss off because they are out of food.

Nature man, I love it. On the same Youtube channel, this person posted another bear video from 6 months ago. In this short film, he tells the bear he is, bad, bad, bad.

Big shout out to you sir, keep the videos coming and stay safe, you have bears in your yard.

P.S. I like talking to animals myself and I try to get in as much conversation as I can before they run away.

Me and a rabbit 

Me and some turkeys 

Me and another turkey 

Me and some birds 

There are more videos of me talking to animals but I'm done looking for them, I just spent the last forty minutes looking at my own social media accounts. That is a bit wasteful.

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