According to WFSB there was a water main break in New Milford Sunday morning (May 9). It apparently took place at the corner of Route 202 and Railroad Street Sunday Morning at around 6:30 AM. New Milford Mayor Pete Bass told the Ethan and Lou Morning Show that the break actually occurred earlier than reported, saying:

"Actually, it was a little earlier than that and the water main break was earlier in the morning. But I went down there and spoke to Aquarion who was right on the ball with their contractor Tinker."

The break threatened any Mother's Day celebrations at restaurants downtown but the Mayor says Aquarion and Tinker were able to rescue the holiday:

"They were able to take one of the arterial lines and connect so with their real help and expertise they were able to get water to the Downtown so that we could still have Mother's Day restaurant openings Downtown so I can't thank them enough for that."

The Mayor attributes the break to a combination of factors, stating:

"In the historical district here in New Milford, I mean that could be older pipes, which they are. And, it's just usage, especially when you are on high volume roads like Bridge Street where you have a lot of vibration that comes from trucks and cars and after the years and years and years, the vibration tend to, especially when the pipes age, tend to crack."

Later we asked the Mayor about Aquarion's warning to folks in the downtown area related to the break. The company reportedly suggested customers use stored water, especially if they see discoloration and advised to delay washing their clothes until the water is clear. We asked the Mayor about this announcement and asked what his recommendation would be to customers, he replied:

"So to me, in the area that it was effected, if there is what they call a boil warning what will happen is, Aquarion will contact you directly and let you know. But, it's always better, in my opinion to be safe than sorry. So, if you do see a little discolor in your water, you may want to either wait a little while, use a little bit of bottled water or you can also boil the water if you are seeing a little bit of discoloration."

If you have questions about your water, you can call Aquarion Water Company directly at 1-800-732-9678.

Listen to the complete interview here:

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