The town of New Milford has had a busy week.

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There was a gun incident on Tuesday (4/26/22) at New Milford High School that has resulted in criminal charges, and is part of an ongoing investigation. There is also a lot of discussion around town about how the schools are being run.

Members of the community have circulated a petition that calls for the firing or resignation of Superintendent of Schools Alisha DiCorpo. New Milford High School Principal Ray Manka resigned, and then rescinded his resignation. The students organized a walkout to protest the resignation. Busy is an understatement, I actually don't know what you call the last week in New Milford, but if you lived it, you might use a word like chaotic.

We thought it was important that we speak with New Milford Mayor Pete Bass and that is precisely what we did on Wednesday April 27th, just after 9 AM. Below is the segment of our interview with the Mayor that pertains to the Superintendent and Principal.

You can hear what Bass had to say about the gun issue by clicking this link. We will have more on the gun investigation tomorrow when we interview New Milford Police Chief Spencer Cerruto around 9:20 on the Ethan and Lou Show.

God, we are good at what we do. Does anyone else get the community such vital information and entertain like us? The answer is no. We win, and when we win, so do you.

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