This past Saturday (6/4/22) I attended an event in Monroe, CT called ‘The Barnum Festival Car Show; Meals, Wheels and Deals.”

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There were carnival rides, live music, food and a ton of fun. The foundation or spine of the event was classic cars and trucks. There were hundreds of rare and beautiful cars to look at or judge. In this sea of shiny chrome and eye-popping color, one vehicle stood out to me, it was a Texas Chainsaw Massacre truck owned by New Milford's Sam Gentile.

New Milford Man’ s Chilling Texas Chainsaw Massacre Truck Seen in Monroe

This past weekend’s (6/4/22) Barnum Festival in Monroe, CT was a success by anyone’s measure. It was a place to go see classic cars of all kinds, have some food and see live music. In that sea of automobile madness was a terrifying thing. There was a vehicle with a recognizable and chilling theme, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Truck. I spoke to the truck's owner Sam Gentile from New Milford, to find out how this came together, and why. 

P.S. The Harrybrooke Park Haunted Trail that Sam was referring to is a Halloween event that takes place in New Milford’s Harrybrooke Park each year. The “Haunted Trail” has become a big hit with residents of the Greater Danbury area.


Lou Milano
Lou Milano

The details on the truck are amazing and a handful of photos can't do it justice.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Don't mess with Texas indeed.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Everything looks pretty real, so yes, it's scary.

While the T.C.M. truck got my attention, it was not the only thing to look at. I shared a bunch of car photos to the I-95 Instagram page (@i95rock) on Saturday.

I can't get technical, and tell you exactly what we're looking at, I just know I like the way they look,

People were very proud the work they'd done on their cars and trucks. No one seemed to be shy about telling you that you "need" to see my car.

Frank Gennarini was the Ringmaster of the 2022 event he was good at mastering the ring. I'll never forget his name because the emcee of the event said it 103 times. For the record, the emcee also did a wonderful job.

I told the clowns to wave but then I muttered under my breath because I HATE clowns.

That's my co-worker Jackie Dee on the left, me in the center and Jackie's sister Courtney on the right.

No matter where you looked, there was something to see.

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The mother added that her daughter remarked there were “barely and kids” in her math class. She wanted to know what everyone else on the New Milford Facebook page thought, asking if they think remote learning should be an option. Finally, she shared a screen shot, she took of the New Milford Public Schools COVID Dashboard. The picture showed the statistics that were available for January of 2022 so far. Below are some of the responses the woman received. 

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