Whenever we have New Milford Mayor Pete Bass on the show, he reminds us that New Milford, Connecticut is 'The Best Town in the USA'. Based on my trips in on 202 this week, I think every raccoon is listening, and they're moving to New Milford.

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I drive in to work along Rt. 202 through New Milford every day, and I am petrified of hitting a poor animal out there at 4:30AM. Every day this week I've had a close call with raccoons through New Milford. Monday morning I almost took a big fella out near the Dunkin'/Car Wash/109 interchange, it was scurrying right into my path, but luckily I juked around him. Yesterday on the way in I had a close call just past the Northville Market, and this morning I almost clocked another poor raccoon as I was going through the roundabout, the raccoon didn't stop coming up from Pickett District Road, it must have been distracted by the nice BEE CITY 2023 signs?

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Are the raccoons of Northwest Connecticut slowly making their way to the Best City in the USA to take over the gazebo on the green? No, but according to ct.gov, raccoons prefer to live near populated areas close to woodlands and streams and marshes, with easy access to food sources. Most adult raccoons weigh between 10-20 pounds, and are an 'Economically important furbearer in Connecticut' due to their pelt value and abundance.

Raccoon hunting season opens up in Connecticut this Saturday, October 21, and lasts to December 30, 2023, you know where to go now in the greater Danbury area.

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