A Sparta, New Jersey woman is lucky to be alive after being attacked by an aggressive bull Friday afternoon. ABC NY is reporting that police received calls that the animal was approaching vehicles.

Initially, the animal, who some first identified as a cow, was calm. One neighbor even said they saw motorists pull over in an attempt not to strike the animal. The same neighbor also says that people were actually petting the bull on the head.

The owner, Wendy McDermott, told police that the animal had been acting very aggressive lately - which seemed to contradict what some witnesses first reported. ABC says that McDermott told one of the officers she'd lead the bull away and back to their farm with food.

Her plan backfired. At this point, ABC says the bull became very angry and tried to climb on and mount the SUV McDermott was driving.

Sparta police Lieutenant John Lamon told ABC:

It actually mounted the hood with his front legs. The bull was probably 1,100, 1,200 pounds.

McDermott exited her SUV and tried to lure the bull back to the farm. ABC says the bull attacked her. Officer Arlene Lippencott, who was on the scene, was luckily able to distract the bull and get McDermott to her cruiser.

The bull then attempted to charge a police cruiser. ABC says two officers were forced to put the bull down.

ABC says McDermott was taken to Newton Memorial Hospital. ABC says she received many stitches to her head, as well as suffering lacerations and bruising.

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