A new law will go into effect in Connecticut on October 1, 2018, that will require kids under the age of 15 to wear helmets while skateboarding, roller skating or inline skating.

According to NBC Connecticut, it’s been called “Conor’s Law,” which is in remembrance of Conor Irwin, who was 14-years-old when he passed away in 2016. He fell while skateboarding in November of 2016 and suffered a brain injury as a result, and tragically died ten days after his fall. He was a high school student in the town of Ledyard.

Conor’s Law has been part of Conor’s mom’s mission to ensure safety for kids while participating in these kinds of activities. Holly Irwin says her son Conor was a top level athlete, one of the fastest cross country runners in all of Connecticut and this law, while protecting other children, will honor his memory.

75 helmets have been donated by The Mashantucket Pequot tribe and will be given away in Ledyard Monday at 2:30 pm at the police department.

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