That is a picture of Danbury Mayor Roberto Alves with NFL Hall of Famer Andre Reed. What are they doing together? Oh, it's no big deal they just gathered together for the announcement that the city is getting its own football team.

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Let me backup, apparently I was sleeping at the wheel last week and I completely missed a huge piece of news for the Hat City. The City of Danbury, the Danbury Ice Arena and an organization called the ENTFLA held a press conference to announce that Danbury is getting its own arena football team.

The Ice Arena provided more info in a Thursday (4/4/24) press release that read:

"From the lobby of the Danbury branch of Fairfield County Bank today, league officials including ENTFLA Commissioner, and Hall-of-Famer Andre Reed formally announced that the Entertainment Football Association has selected Danbury, Connecticut, and the Danbury Ice Arena as the first location for its inaugural 2025 season.
The ENTFLA will launch a very unique professional football and concert series in each community in which the league plays starting in late May of 2025. Each team including Danbury will host 4 games in addition to traveling for four additional contests. The regular season will be rounded out with a ninth game being played between two ENTFLA teams in a neutral site identified for its potential to serve as a future expansion community.

Two rounds of playoffs will follow in early August after the regular season concludes in late July. Additional sites for the three remaining 2025 inaugural season teams have been identified and will be announced over the coming several months with the league retaining ownership of all teams.

The impressive level of football will include former Division I and III college players (some who may have also earned NFL playing experience) looking to extend their playing careers and hoping to catch the eye of scouts from higher levels of football including the CFL, UFL, and of course, the NFL.

Unique rules designed to further engage fans such as the 7 on 7 format with a reduced play clock to leave fans wanting more, and the elimination of kicking forcing teams to “go for it” on fourth down and try for two-point conversion are all part of this new league."


WHAT!!!!!!!! This is amazing and the best part is, you and I get a say in what the team looks like and is named. We spoke to Danbury Mayor Roberto Alves about the team on the Thursday edition of the I-95 Morning Show and he asked for help from city residents, saying:

"Right now there is a website up, everybody can go, they are taking recommendations for naming the team, picking the team colors and the team mascot. This is open through April 26th. The website is


We will be talking a lot about this on the I-95 Morning Show in the coming weeks and taking your ideas for the team's name and colors. Don't miss your chance to have a say.

Possible names:

  • Danbury Demolition
  • Danbury Trashers - Hey, C'mon talk to me

We'll have plenty more options up on "the web" soon.

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