"Right place, right time." That's the quote from i95 news man, Lou Milano. We caught up with him and asked how he was able to get photo evidence of radio personality Ethan Carey with an open container of alcohol at work. "It was the oddest thing" said Milano, the comedic genius, "he wasn't even trying to hide it."

Ethan Carey has been a local radio personality for forty years at i95, a Classic Rock radio station based out of Brookfield, CT. Just this morning, Mr. Carey was allegedly observed consuming an unusual amount of alcohol out of a rice container.

Townsquare Media, i95's parent corporation, says they have launched a full scale investigation into the "odd behavior" of one of their most famous personalities. One anonymous insider had this to say:

Just a savage maneuver. It was as if he was flaunting it. I've seen people drink 'White Russians,' usually at a party, some sort of appropriate venue, but never at work and never in that volume. I've certainly never seen someone drink it out of a rice container.

We have all seen one of our favorite senior citizens reach that point in life where they just don't care anymore. They just wake up one day and say, "I've lived long enough to do whatever I want." The normal progression is that usually, you become the grandpa who farts themselves in and out of sleep on the couch at Thanksgiving. This, however, seems to be a sad, public, downward spiral for a man who was once well respected.

Let's hope he gets the help he so desperately needs.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

PS - Why a rice container? Why did he smile like a bus stop flasher? This one for the ages.

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