There's a new group in New Fairfield that plan to rally against the use of herbicides and algaecides at the next Board of Selectmen meeting on Thursday evening, March 23.

According to an article in the Danbury Patch, the group calls themselves Candlewood Voices, and they're planning a rally at the New Fairfield Senior Center to show their displeasure over the Board of Selectmen's decision to move forward with the chemical treatment of blue-green algae without consulting the Candlewood Lake Authority. The group plans on presenting First Selectman Susan Chapman with a petition that includes over 2,700 signatures opposing the use of chemicals to treat the milfoil and blue-green algae.

The battle against Candlewood Lake's milfoil and blue-green algae has been ongoing for years. The Candlewood Lake Authority's action plan for weed abatement has been stocking the lake with non-native sterile carp that feeds on the milfoil. New Fairfield has chosen to go in a different direction by contracting with Solitude Lake Management to chemically treat the issue.

The bottom line is that the other towns surrounding the lake agree with the CLA ,who say give the weed-eating carp a chance to do their job. The New Fairfield group, Candlewood Voices, along with many others in surrounding towns claim that the chemicals will only help destroy the lake. New Fairfield's First Selectman, Susan Chapman says these chemicals have been used statewide and nationwide and are NOT dangerous.

So, who's right? The Candlewood Lake Authority or Solitude Lake Management? Which solution, in the long run, is better for the future of Candlewood Lake?

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