Rich Bisaccia is a New Fairfield High School graduate and the Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

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Bisaccia took over for Jon Gruden who resigned (was fired) after his racist and sexist e-mails were distributed to the press. From a football perspective this could have been devastating to the Raiders but under Bisaccia's leadership the team is undefeated (2-0). Bissacia has coached the Raiders to back-to-back victories over the Broncos and the Eagles.

I am a Raiders fan and I think I can speak for Raider Nation when I say we'd love for him to stay at the helm and keep the team winning. They are 5-2 heading into the Bye Week but what about the long-term plan? Can Bisaccia be the long-term Head Coach of the Raiders? It appears he has the approval of the team's quarterback Derek Carr.

After Sunday's 33-22 win over Philly, Derek Carr had this to say of Bisaccia:

"We have to win, he has the ear of the locker room, he has the pulse and heartbeat and he's our leader. You know it's tough circumstances but it is, what it is. It wasn't like, you know we were an 0-5 team when he took over. You know, we're a good football team and he got to take over and we would love for him to still be our Head Coach for the future."

The Raiders are flying around on defense, putting out maximum effort and the play calling has been as good as any in the league. Carr has thrown for 664 yards and four TD's under Bisaccia and has had a QB rating of over 100 for both games. In the previous two games, Carr had 402 yards passing, 2 TD's and an abysmal QB rating.

Look, it's two games, I get it but it's two consecutive victories when the Raiders could have easily lost focus and got carried away with the off the field nonsense. We don't need a Head Coach with a bobble head doll, we just need one that puts the team in the best position to win and so far, Bisaccia has done that. The Town of New Fairfield should be extremely proud, the whole Greater-Danbury region should be proud to say Rich Biaccia is one of ours. Just win baby.

P.S. Someone who will remain nameless did give me Bisaccia's phone number and I have texted him to see if he'd like to come on the Ethan and Lou Show. I haven't heard back yet but's it's only been 8 days, he'll call, right? 

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