If you love scary and anything having to do with the paranormal, welcome to 'The Asylum' Escape Room.

You're part of a detective team entering the asylum inside 'Escape Rooms Connecticut'. Your mission is to investigate the disappearance of six paranormal investigators.

To successfully complete your mission, you and your team must locate the doctor who was conducting creepy experiments on the Asylum's patients and just happens to be the prime suspect in the disappearance of the paranormal investigators.

It was a scary good time for these four solving the mystery inside 'The Asylum' at Escape Rooms Connecticut.

'The Asylum' is the fourth and newest room at Escape Rooms Connecticut located in Orange. The other escape rooms are titled, The Stolen Relic, The Terminal, and the most challenging room, Sector X.

Welcome to 'Sector X' - Photo Courtesy of
Escape Rooms Connecticut

Click on escaperoomsct.com for all the details and good luck finding your way out.

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