Movie producers love Connecticut! Bunnell High in Stratford becomes the latest filming location for Walt Disney Studio's new movie titled Chang Can Dunk.

According to, the studio will be filming scenes on October 22 and 23 during Bunnell High's annual Cavalcade of Bands. Disney also has plans to incorporate the high school's marching band and sports facilities as part of the new film.

Bunnell High School in Stratford - Google Street View
Bunnell High School in Stratford - Google Street View

The new film will star Bloom Li, who plays an Asian-American 16-year-old teen who worships the game of basketball and desperately wants to dunk. Li's character, Chang, who's not a very popular high school kid, has a deep desire to best the school's basketball star, Matt — and hopefully win the adoration of the beautiful Kristy.

Bloom Li has previously starred in TV’s My Dead Ex and has also appeared in CBS’ S.W.A.T. and Hulu’s Into the Dark.

There's a multitude of rules and regulations that must be followed before a movie studio can even begin thinking about filming at a specific location, especially when it comes to a public school. Pam Mangini is the district's Chief Operating Officer and told,

“The district has had a number of meetings with Disney representatives in coordinating all the operational components that have included town representatives, Director of Public Safety Larry Ciccarelli, and the district’s head nurse Kim Velazquez, who will be working with the Disney COVID team to ensure that all safety protocols are followed.  Needless to say, everyone is very excited about this collaboration.”

Because the film is currently in development, there has been no release date announced.

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