Lots of dirt has been flying around in the air along Straits Turnpike (Rt. 63) in Middlebury over the past few months. Premier Subaru's new dealership is starting to really take shape, and just over the past few weeks, I've noticed that the corner lot of Straits Turnpike and Park Road has been fenced in, ripped up, and just yesterday, the new owners have decided to reveal themselves to the public.

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A brand new Cumberland Farms is going to be built on the Southeast corner of the intersection of Park Road and Straits Turnpike in Middlebury. I drove by and took a couple of photos of the area.

Photo by Large "Conveniently Located" Dave

You can see the new Premier Subaru building that's being built up quickly in the background in the above photo. The new Cumberland Farms is still a long way away, they're just starting to break up the ground for the pipes. I'm guessing it won't open until mid-summer, but what do I know, they're already asking people to apply for the future jobs right on the banner.

Photo by Large "Laying Pipe" Dave

On a side note, as the old saying goes, as one door closes, another opens. It just happened in this neighborhood. Right across Straits Turnpike from the new Cumby build, Chubba's recently closed their doors for good in the Middlebury Edge building.

I called the Watertown Chubba's, and the new owners said that the Watertown and Thomaston locations are still going strong. Chubba's was in that building for almost 20 years. Now there's going to be a brand new place, a sparkling new Cumby for all of the car salesman from Straits Turnpike's automotive row to get their bagel and coffee fix on their way in to work.

Photo by Mrs. Large

Huge piles of dirt and gravel are scattered around the worksite, and the property almost goes as far back as Tracy's Pond. I was wondering why there were so many more bugs and birds at our place in Waterbury, it looks like they tore up about 25 acres of woods.

Photo by Large "Gravely" Dave

I took a photo from the driveway of the Middlebury Edge Complex, showing you the view from across Straits Turnpike in this next photo

Photo by Large "Domenick's & Vinnie's rules" Dave

So, in the past couple of months along Straits Turnpike: BMW of Watertown took off, Blasius moved in, Jersey Mike's, a hardware store, and a gym opened up in the former Kmart building, Chubba's closed, and Premier Subaru and Cumby's started to build, whew, lots of dirt.

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