My pal Matt AKA "Swamp Yetti" sent me a text from Florida this morning and attached the above photo.

If you can't make it out in the photo, the window sticker reads: "Live Fast Eat ---."

He wrote:

"Mile Marker 155 on I-75 South Port Charlotte. That truck tho."

I was instantly interested in the visuals and the back story. He told me he asked his ex-wife to snap the photo so he could drive safely. He let me know that she did so reluctantly and was seriously disgusted by both the window decal and his interest in it.

Swamp Yetti claims that the man was doing a minimum on 100 mph and swerved past him in an aggressive manner. Although the man was allegedly making dangerous maneuvers, my friend "Yetti" seemed un-phased by this and was not mad at the mystery driver. Instead he called it the best part of his day. He also added the guy was "ripping Busch cans." He added:

"I was heading south from civilized Sarasota to civilized Naples. Had to pass through the wilderness (a** crack of Florida) known as Port Charlotte."

I was delighted by his reporting of the incident and thanked him profusely. You see "Swamp Yetti" is one of a handful of people that keep my updated on the activities in Florida and the movements of said "Florida Man".

It's been a busy few days for my Sunshine State corresponding reporters. My other friend Matt (a Yankee) was visiting Florida last week and shot me this yesterday.

Matt Wilcox with permission
Matt Wilcox with permission

Aliens flying through the skies, dudes with "Live Fast Eat ---" window stickers driving 100 mph while plowing suds, Florida is a hot bed for excitement.

Florida you say!?


P.S. If you drive around with a "Live Fast Eat ---" window sticker, you have the right of way in all situations.

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