Just a few weeks after opening their doors, a new restaurant in Bethel has ceased operations.

Proof Bar and Cafe opened at the end of April at 1 Front Street, a space known for many years as The Spot. Major renovations were done on the building before Proof opened. The restaurant prided itself on a variety of craft beer and gourmet pretzels.

A statement on Proof's Facebook page announced the closing:

To everyone who supported our venture, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Unfortunately, Proof has to close its doors. It was a pleasure serving the Bethel community. It was a blast! Cheers to you all.

Reactions on the restaurant's Facebook page were predominately surprised and disappointed. A lot of people hadn't even had the chance to try the place out yet, judging from the reactions. There seemed to be a pretty big buzz about the place, as it was joining a strip along Greenwood Avenue that has a pretty popular food, drink and nightlife scene.

We wish the cafe's owners well in whatever comes next for them, and hope that the building doesn't sit empty for long.