According to the News Times, Connecticut, Rep. Gail Lavielle has called for a bill to study a breathalyzer type test for marijuana like they have for alcohol. The article states that current methods for testing drivers for marijuana use, roadside are " legally inconclusive."

Of the issues that lawmakers have argued about, this one seems like a reasonable bullet point to spend more time on. If the science if available, why not get this one right? As for the rest of it, just do it already.

The stigma for marijuana use both medical and for recreational purposes is dead and gone. I don't smoke, I don't ingest and I don't rub oil on my armpits — I don't deal with THC products of any kind, it's not my thing. I see and hear about it, however, from so many people, from all walks of life. The war is over, ring the bell, stop the fight, no mas.

P.S. It seems to make this guy pretty happy:

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