Does a life-threatening situation change your life? Just ask Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.

I noticed the different tone of Mayor Mark's voice the first time Lou and I spoke with him four days after his life-threatening surgery to have a large benign tumor removed from his brain. He sounded a bit more serious and reflective about being given a second chance at life.

Mayor Mark gave his state of the city speech in front of 300 guests this past Friday afternoon at the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce Annual Leaders Luncheon, where he talked about what was going through his mind the morning after his surgery:

There are no atheists in the I.C.U. We all change when we're facing a life-threatening situation. I did that inventory - you don't sleep the night before surgery. Our lives really are about how we treat each other.

Some may call it an epiphany and some may call it a wake-up call. According to an article in the NewsTimes, Mayor Boughton told Danbury business leaders and elected officials at the Crowne Plaza Hotel that he spent the night before his surgery reflecting on whether he had done all the good he was capable of doing for the city of Danbury.

Have you ever had that moment of reckoning? Has your total outlook on life been turned upside down because of an intense life-changing experience? If so, please leave your story under comments.

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