If you were driving in downtown Naugatuck over this past weekend, did you get the feeling that you were caught up in Midtown Manhattan traffic? I sure did. I went to the CT HorrorFest at the Naugatuck Events Center this past Saturday Sept 18, along with thousands of other people, and at the same time, another thousand at least were at the Harvest Moon Festival, which was happening on the Naugatuck Green.

The traffic that was crawling along Church Street was insane, it took me around 5 minutes to get from the Naugatuck Green to the bank parking lot across from 66 Church. Well, according to a news release just issued by the Naugatuck Police Department, they noticed it too, and they're making a permanent change to the traffic flow on Church Street.


Beginning this Monday, September 27, 2021, Church Street in Naugatuck will become a one way street, with traffic flowing only in the North to South direction, between Maple Street and Rubber Avenue. This is going to be a permanent change.

According to the Naugatuck PD, an officer will be stationed along Church Street to help ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians as you get used to the one-way street transition.

This change is being implemented by the NPD and the Naugatuck Street Department at the request of local business owners according to the press release, in the hopes that the new one-way traffic pattern will improve traffic flow, and allow for safer pedestrian traffic through the area. I always creep along Church Street anyway, I've come close to many inattentive pedestrians along that stretch of road over the years. Nice work Naugy.


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