Today is the first day of summer. Do you remember just a few weeks ago when we all wondered weather (see what I did there) if it would ever be warm again?

Well, enjoy the weather while you can because if you were planning on doing anything outdoors this weekend, those plans could be thwarted (another word like "plethera" that is so much fun to say and we definitely don't use enough).

The National Weather Service is forcasting a wet and stormy weekend. Today and tomorrow look great but it all takes a turn for the worst tomorrow night. In fact, when the rain starts, we might get a brief look at the sun on Sunday afternoon and then we won't see it again until Tuesday.

Today calls for sunny skies and a high near 85. That sounds great, right?

But wait, there's more...

Friday will be partly sunny, high temperature will be around 75. Wow, even better!

and then...DUM DUM DUM

Friday night, showers begin overnight and continue through Saturday night. Thunderstorms are a thing for Saturday with highs near 70 and lows near 60.

Sunday and Monday showers and thunderstorms and the temperature should be around 80 degrees both days.

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