A very popular Nantucket Island-based craft pizzeria has officially announced that they are expanding again soon, giving them 18 locations across the country, and their first operation here in Connecticut, the Land of Incredible Pizza.

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Founded in 2015 at their Flagship location at 44 Straight Wharf in Nantucket, Oath Pizza will be opening up soon in West Hartford's Blue Back Square at 67 Memorial Road, which was formerly occupied by Poke-Man. I could never understand the fascination with Bubble Tea, and I guess neither could West Hartford.

Instead of seared Ahi Tuna and a protein Poke Bowl, you'll be able to order a Spicy Mother Clucker Pizza topped with Sriracha, pickled red onions, and roasted chickens soon. Or the pizza that caught my eye - the Muffled Trushroom, featuring mushrooms, ricotta, and homemade truffle sauce.

Oath Pizza is doing a lot of things right, they have locations in 17 other cities across the US, most notably a couple of locations in both NYC and Boston, plus a few locations at big college campuses in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, South Carolina, and New Jersey.

What is Oath Pizza's gimmick? They tout they crust, which has been grilled and seared in avocado oil. Topped with homemade sauce, humanely-raised proteins from Applegate, and wild Italian oregano picked right from the bushel. For those who are Gluten-Free, Oath Pizza offers a chickpea crust.

Assorted salads, breadsticks, dessert options, and a couple of options of kid's pizza round out the simple menu. I reached out to Oath Pizza to try and narrow down an opening date for their West Hartford location, but I got back a one word response - "Soon". It's going to be tough to crack the Connecticut pizza market, good luck Oath Pizza.

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