The second most popular tourist attraction in beautiful Mystic, Connecticut, following the infamous pizza joint, is the gorgeous Mystic Aquarium.

I've always been fascinated by the ocean and the animals that call it home. I also think it's cool when tourist attractions give the general public chances to name one of their possessions something ridiculous. Boaty McBoatface, for example.

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Mystic Aquarium is doing something along those lines with some of their Beluga Whales and I thought you might want to hear about the opportunity to be able to name a Beluga Whale "Florida, you say?", or something like that.

According to WJAR, Mystic Aquarium is going to auction off the naming rights to three Beluga Whales that recently arrived at the aquarium, with the purpose of using those funds to take care of them and then ship them off to Canada. According to the article, the whales will get these "Stage names" that will be displayed to the public while they are in the aquarium's care.


The auction is going to take place on August 19, 2021 at the Aquarium, according to the article, and the Beluga naming rights will hopefully take a chunk away from the reported millions annually that it costs Mystic Aquarium to take care of their 8 Beluga Whales. The Belugas recently arrived in Mystic from an aquarium in Niagara Falls.

There are reportedly guidelines in place to safeguard against dummies like me who lean vulgar, so you can't name the Beluga something dumb unfortunately. But, if you have a few bucks and you've always dreamed of naming a beautiful Northern Artic creature Whaley McWhaleface, bust out the checkbook, your chance is here in August.

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