I roll up to work this morning and see this. Let's call it about the 1,000th time I have drawn attention to an extremely random, out of place item left on the property here at my job. It's actually been there for a few days, but I have not gotten around to launching an investigation.

SO why is there a tire here? Let's look at the photo and make some observations:

  • The tire has been moved by the lawn crew so they could mow. It has been there long enough that it had to moved.
  • It's either a Donut tire or the tire to a giant mutant bike.
  • The tire is severely damaged.
  • The tire is black.
  • You cannot see it, but it's adjacent to the parking lot.


What could be going on here? The simplest answer, they say, is usually the best one. Let's start there. Someone drove to work on a donut and changed to a real tire here and left the donut behind. This is possible but begs the question, why did they not throw it away in the dumpster just steps away?

There is also the distinct possibility this is part of a new business my company is working on. My company has a very diverse line of products and services. Maybe this is the first of many tires we will be collecting and re-selling in the style of "Plan B" tires. Judging by the tires condition, safety is of little to no concern.

I know there are a lot of NASCAR fans in the building. Maybe someone was training in the parking lot over the weekend to become a member of a high profile pit crew...whose to say?

Maybe someone was hit in the face by a flying tire that came rocketing off the street and they were so injured they had no time to dispose of it.

Whatever the reason for a random, useless tire being on the lawn, I'm just happy it's there. Nothing brings me more joy than auto trash on the lawn. It looks like Sanford & Son out there and anyone who knows me, knows I love some Sanford & Son.

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