Have you ever tried a crumpet? Not an English muffin, a crumpet. I thought they were the same thing for many years. Now that I understand how different the two are, I'm obsessed with the British crumpet, and I want to try every fresh one made here in Connecticut.

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Mrs. Large introduced me to crumpets via Trader Joe's, and I know that I'm missing out on delicious, locally-produced variations. I want to change that.

What's the difference between American English muffins and British crumpets? Crumpets are griddle cakes, the batter is different. Crumpet batter is loose, a ring mold is usually used to retain it's shape. Crumpets are thinner than English Muffins, and the main reason why I'm obsessed with them - the texture difference.

While I do love the toasty crunch and nooks n crannies of the English Muffin, the crumpet has a chewy, spongy texture, with tiny little craters that absorb butter, preserves, and jelly. Crumpets are one-sided, so you don't have to slice them in half like the English muffin.

I've tried the delicious crumpet on the breakfast menu at Tea with Tracy at 320 Center Rock Green in Oxford, but I want to try more. I'm assuming since tea and crumpets go hand-in-hand, I should start visiting all the tea-related restaurants across Connecticut on my quest, but all I've found is that Connecticut loves scones, not crumpets. Can we class this place up a little bit?

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