You know what makes me happy? Finding fresh okra at one of our local farmer's markets, it's a rarity. Fried okra is a Southern cuisine staple, I love finding it on the menu. The last time I had it in Connecticut was at a Cracker Barrel, it was good, but I'm on a quest for the best.

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I haven't had the fried okra at Black Eyed Sally's in Hartford in years, but their fried okra and pickle chips appetizer is my stomach's favorite of all time. I was happy to see fried okra on the on the menu at the Cracker Barrel in East Windsor. As I said earlier, they were good, the coating was nice and crispy, and the okra itself had a good taste. It was the texture that I'm looking for, I prefer it a bit more crispy, these were almost disintegrating as soon as you bit. Okra has such a unique taste and texture, I've always thought it was similar to eggplant, my grandmother used to call them 'Lady fingers' when she cooked them.


I've tried fried okra at a few more places around the state, I ordered some off the menu at Wire Mill Saloon & Barbecue in Georgetown, and it was really good. Uncle Willie's BBQ in Middlebury serves up a nice fried okra when it's in season. I also tried the okra crunch at House of Naan in New Haven, and found out quickly that they were a bit heavy handed with their spices.

Is there a hidden Cajun/Southern food restaurant in your town that serves up great fried okra? Please, let me know.

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