I moved to Torrington in February after spending most of my life in Waterbury, and I'd be lying if I said that besides the great place we found, one of the reasons why we decided to drop it down on a new place there is because I live right near an old school Carvel.

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We've found that pretty much everything business-wise in Torrington is better in some ways than the Waterbury stores. 1/3 the population leads to shorter, if any, lines in grocery stores, doctor's offices, etc. Mrs. Large and I have also noticed that some businesses have avoided the corporate makeovers that have transformed recognizable buildings into unfamiliar Apple Store clones. Well, there's a Carvel in Torrington on S. Main St. that still has the familiar slanted roof, and I love living near it.

Come on, tell me that you don't want a Cherry dip-top cone right now? I swear that we hadn't even finished paying the movers before we were walking the few hundred feet into that glorious ice cream heaven. Every time I drive down Rt. 7 Sugar Hollow Road  into Ridgefield, I see Ridgefield Ice Cream, which is still in the old Carvel-shaped building. There's just something about that angled roof that makes my sweet-tooth ache.

Carvel presently operates 20 locations around Connecticut, most of which are in modern, updated buildings. The Carvel on Straits Turnpike/63 in Watertown and the Carvel on Watertown Ave in Waterbury were the two that I used to go to the most. Watertown Ave is still the same as I remember, pretty much, but the Watertown and Naugatuck Carvel locations are now G's Burgers/Carvel. Love them, but there's just something that draws me to the old architecture still. Anyway, take a ride up to Torrington someday if you're feeling nostalgic. I'll bring my secret stash of rainbow sprinkles.

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