It sucks when your favorite restaurant suddenly closes down. I've been holding out hope that it would come back. What happened to Eben-ezer? At first I thought it was a long vacation, then I asked on Torrington social media. It's been almost 2 months now. Do I have to grudgingly accept the fact that my favorite restaurant in Torrington is no more? What happened to Eben-Ezer?

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Ever since moving to Torrington last year, I've missed Waterbury's Los Garcia Mexican Fusion. Authentic Mexicano cuisine has exploded across Connecticut since they blazed the trail in the 2010's, and few do it right like they do. Eben-ezer Mexicano Restaurant on Torrington's S. Main Street did also, up until mid-Summer. Since August, the place has been empty, we've pulled in, called, no answer. Online, it's been listed on Google as "Temporarily Closed". The lawn wasn't cut for the first few weeks, but someone finally did it, so I still have hope. The sign is still up, but so is Coffee Plus's sign further up S. Main.

Photo by Mrs. Large
Photo by Mrs. Large

One sign that gives me hope is that Torrington may finally be getting close to a rooftop dining/bar scene. Mrs. Large snapped the photo of the nice new sign that Casa Valijo has put up on the front of their building at 131 Water Street. According to their website, they're hiring right now, but had expected to be open by the second week of August 2023. Soon, the sweeping rooftop view from Alfredo's Deli all the way to Moon Star will be yours Torrington.

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