After standing out in the sun at the San Gennaro festival on Saturday, Mrs. Large and I stopped into The Market-Bantam on our way home. It was hot outside, and as we made our way past produce, the automatic doors of their craft beer cooler swung open for us. What we found inside is now our new favorite art gallery in Connecticut.

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We're weak when it comes to beer knowledge, but strong in recognizing great marketing. The craft beer explosion has largely bypassed us, so we really haven't paid much attention to the dark sense of humor that has emerged among the craft beer marketers. There are so many great names, I almost bought a Fuzzy Baby Ducks just to see why the hell they thought of that one.

My Favorite Art Gallery is The Market-Bantam Craft Beer Cooler

I have to hand it to you craft beer makers of Connecticut, you use such beautiful artwork on your cans. My wife and I wandered into the awesome craft beer cooler at The Market-Bantam the other night, and spent about 15 minutes appreciating the 38 degree art gallery.

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