I've been watching professional wrestling since I was a little kid. I was drawn in by the announcers, as well as the life-sized action heroes that beat the hell out of each other on a daily basis for our entertainment. Listening to Gorilla Monsoon, Cowboy Bill Watts, and the great Gordon Solie wax ecstatic as grown men ate the stuffing out of the turnbuckles and defend their friends after a surprise attack by the heels.

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With that, it's always a thrill for me to speak with the greats in the world of sports entertainment, and I recently had the chance to speak with All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) Mark Henry.

Mark is a WWE Hall of Famer, all-around wrestling legend, and is known around the world as "The World's Strongest Man". He's also a two-time US Olympian (1992, 1996), World and US record holder in powerlifting, and after retiring from the ring, now provides commentary for AEW Rampage, which airs every Friday night at 10PM on TNT. Here's the breakdown of our recent conversation:

My Exclusive interview With All Elite Wrestling's (AEW's) Mark Henry

I had the chance to speak with "The World's Strongest Man" professional wrestling legend, and Hall of Famer Mark Henry about his involvement with AEW (All Elite Wrestling), and the likelihood of ever seeing him back in the ring.

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