Sonja Morgan of "The Real Housewives of New York" was thrown out of a Philadelphia bar over the weekend according to Page Six. Sonja confirmed this to the Post and said after being removed she and her friends moved on and says "We had a blast."

The bar is apparently in a section of the city known as "Gayborhood." Sonja was singing "Hello Dolly" when she grabbed the microphone, she thinks this may have been why she was removed. The report states she was crying, moaning and said "They s - - t on me!”

So she was kicked out for being awesome? That's what I am getting out of this, she got wild, was singing, drinking and swearing. The piano player gets all bent out of shape because she grabbed the mic? The piano player can claim any number of reasons why they were mad at Sonja but the real reason is she upstaged them. Once she took the stage no one gave a damn that about the performer anymore.

Sonja told Page Six she did not remember the name of the bar. That tells you all you need to know, she's like a female Tupac and could not be bothered to commit the bar's name to memory or was having too much fun to remember it, either way, she wins. I stand with Sonja.


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