I love history, therefore I love museums. I have been a patron of Waterbury's Mattatuck Museum all of my life. I remember going to the Matt in the 70's when it was on the other side of the Waterbury Green and gazing on all of the amazing brass products and watches that were made by the past generations of Waterbury residents. A few of my family members were employed by Scovill, so seeing artifacts from a great company that kept the food from A&P and Pathmark raining into my fat face is very cool.

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Obviously, the Coronavirus pandemic has destroyed the arts and live entertainment industry over the past year. The Mattatuck Museum has been closed for awhile now, not just from the pandemic, but also the transition back into their permanent home at 144 West Main Street. They still have online events to keep some funding coming in and I just received an e-mail from them about an upcoming fundraising event that you might be interested in if you're a music fan.

Coming up on Thursday, February 11, 2021, the Mattatuck Museum is going to hold a virtual music Bingo event. It's going to happen on Zoom, from 8-9:30PM, and they're going to be playing music from the 60's to today. As they play songs, you mark off your Bingo cards. Sounds fun. The Matt is selling their Bingo cards for $5 each, and they've partnered up with some cool local businesses, like Litchfield Distillery, Timber & Thyme, and Buffalo Wild Wings for prizes. Sounds fun, right? Find out more about the Mattatuck Museum's event, and buy your Bingo cards by clicking HERE

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