You could call it keeping it in the family, a mother and daughter have just opened up a new Mexican restaurant in New Milford.

There was definitely some evolution in the process of opening up their new restaurant.

For years, Alejandra Aguilar Gonzaga used to take her young daughter with her driving her food truck trailer all over the state serving up her homemade empanadas wherever people gathered. They would hit the flea markets, fairs, and carnivals where the two would spend hours together serving up the Mexican favorite.

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Now, finally some 16 years later, the two are still at it, but now instead of driving from place to place in their food truck, or working at their booth at a local flea market, the two have joined forces to open up a brand new Mexican restaurant in New Milford.

The name of the new restaurant, which by the way opened in November, is Momma's Tacos, and it's located on Church Street in New Milford. Of course, if you haven't guessed yet, they specialize in authentic Mexican cuisine.

Now that they have their own local restaurant, Momma still does all the cooking and still makes all the dishes from scratch, while her daughter, who has been a part of the business since the start, now takes care of all the finances

Of course the menu has expanded from the days of the trailer and the indoor flea market booth. Now it's fairly extensive, and includes many unique Mexican dishes.

Momma's Facebook Image
Momma's Facebook Image

Even though Alejandra Aguilar Gonzaga is from Cheshire, and her daughter now lives in New Britain, they both fell in love with New Milford, especially the green. According to CT Post, they refer to it as a cozy Hallmark kind of town. Plus, they like the fact that a lot of people walk around the area, and the foot traffic has definitely helped their new business.

Instead of serving 30-50 groups each day at the flea market, they are now serving between 80-100 groups a day, and life couldn't be better.

Momma’s Tacos is open from 11 AM until 7 PM Tuesday through Sunday. The restaurant also offers Taco Tuesday, where you can get four tacos for the price of three. For more information, visit and “mommastacos” on Facebook.

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