A map of the U.S. landed in my inbox recently, with each state's most lewd town name.

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The map and research were put together by a Real Estate company called Estately who decided that Essex is the dirtiest name in Connecticut. In my opinion, this falls short of expectations. I would have gone with Moosup or Seymour, CT. Sadly, I cannot be in charge of everything, I've tried.

I did learn a lot from this map. For instance, there is a place called Humptulips, Washington. Did you know that? Below is the map, featuring what Estately believes is the lowest of the low.


They did list off other options that were available to them, these are some of my favorites:

  • Smut Eye, Alabama
  • Manley Hot Springs, Alaska
  • Bald Knob, Arkansas
  • Clam Beach, California
  • Cave Colony, Delaware
  • Cream Can Junction, Idaho
  • Climax, Michigan
  • Bangs, Texas

But my biggest takeaway from the Estately research, is how filthy New York State is. The Empire State has a long list of options to choose from like:

  • Ballston
  • Butternuts
  • Climax
  • Conewango
  • Conquest
  • Corning
  • Coxsackie
  • Feura Bush
  • Fort Johnson
  • Glen Head
  • Johnson
  • Johnson City
  • Kringsbush
  • Porcaville
  • Pound Ridge
  • Rockwood
  • Sugarbush

New York needs to calm the ____ down! Was the entire state founded on the bedrock of nasty behavior?

I see a road trip in my future, I gas up the RV, create a new Instagram account and visit places like Cheat Lake, Wisconsin, or Hoback, McNutt, Wyoming. This will be the easiest social media cheddar, I've ever made in my life.

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