If you really want to know how dangerous a place is, I guess you could ask a cop.

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The problem with that is, they are usually pretty tight-lipped, I mean we can't have the police running around the community telling everyone they are in danger. There is another source and they are as tapped into the grime as anyone.

Bail Bondsman are linked into what is happening in any place. They know who the bad guys are, they understand the crime trends and they can identify the really dangerous neighborhoods.

I started to look around to see if there were any bail bondsman sharing information about Connecticut crime online and came across an article from the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group that spells it out in chapter and verse.

The Most Dangerous City in Connecticut is Hartford and it's not even close. Below are the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Hartford.

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods, in Connecticut's Highest Crime City

Those of us who live in Connecticut know, this place is NOT what the rest of the country thinks it is. We have folks struggling to get by, we have crime, drugs and very dangerous neighborhoods. Recently, I set out to find the most dangerous city in Connecticut and I got a lot more detail than I bargained for. After determining Hartford was the city with the most violent crime, I was able to find the specific places that are the most dangerous within the city. These are the 10 Most Dangerous Places in Hartford according to the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

There is an interesting Youtube video below about Frog Hollow, Hartford. It comes from a page called "Word on the Street" and focuses on a gang war that was in the news back in December of 2022.

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P.S. I'm not suggesting Bail Bondsman know more about crime than the police. Over the last decade, I've spent a lot of time sifting through Connecticut stats from the government and that can be helpful but the essence of an issue is always told best by the people who live it everyday and the cops don't talk.

The police would 100% be the best source but they are trained not to talk to the press publicly about these things. Trust me, I've tried many times and some of these people, I consider close personal friends. It's not in anyone's best interest for active law enforcement officers to run around dishing dirt, especially when there is plenty of it.

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