On Wednesday August 23rd hundreds of people gathered inside St. Peter's church in downtown Danbury for a mass with Catholic Bishop Frank Caggiano.

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The mass was the kickoff to the 5-day Danbury San Gennaro Festival. Last year (2022) was the first time the Hat City held a San Gennaro Festival and by anyone's measurement it was a huge success but this year (2023) blew it out of the water.

There were over 40 vendors serving up the area's best Italian food, live musical performances, rides, carnival games, beer, wine and dancing. The I-95 Morning Show got to be a central character in this event with a tent smack dab in the middle of the action. We were lucky enough to broadcast live for three of the 5 days and it was as much fun as I've had in a long time.

Here are more than 50 of my favorite moments from the feast.

50 Photos from Danbury's Vibrant San Gennaro Festival

Thousands of people came out to Danbury's 2023 San Gennaro Festival and I-95 was lucky enough to be right in the center of it. These are 50+ photos from our three days in Downtown Danbury.

I walked around and did some man on the street questions on Saturday night at San Gennaro. This was sort of San Gennaro after dark.

Saturday night was by far the most well attended day of the festival. There were thousands of people, the green was full as were the surrounding blocks. I wanted to say that the green has not been that busy since the old Taste of Danbury celebrations but they weren't as popular as this year's San Gennaro. I believe this was the biggest and most successful event Danbury has ever had downtown.

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P.S. I had every intention of taking more pictures of the food but none of it lasted long enough for a photo shoot.

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Enthusiastic and Exuberant – My Weekend at Danbury’s San Gennaro Festival

Danbury's first-ever San Gennaro Festival took place over the weekend on Ives Street. Thousands of people were in attendance each day and it's one of the best events I've ever attended. I was lucky enough to be able to work the event, broadcasting live Friday, Saturday and Sunday with I-95. I personally spoke to hundreds of people, and was able to work and see family and friends. I was so filled with excitement, exuberance and enthusiasm all weekend long.

The First Night of the Danbury San Gennaro Festival Was a Huge Hit

The Italian culture can be explained in one word, Sunday. Being an Italian-American means, there are certainties on Sunday, Food, family and laughter. Trust me when I tell you, everyday is Sunday at San Gennaro. 

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