The good thing about living between New York City and Boston is that we have early access to innovative goods and services before the rest of the country. The bad thing is that we also get illegal activity spillover into Connecticut. It happened in Naugatuck over the weekend.

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According to, Naugatuck Police arrested a 25-year-old man from Queens this past Friday, February 3, and have accused him of setting up a mobile cannabis dispensary in the parking lot of the Walmart on New Haven Road in town. Naugatuck Police had received complaints that there was a a van parked on the premises that was wrapped in advertising describing it as a 'mobile dispensary' and placed 25-year-old James Brown under arrest after accusing Brown of selling Cannabis and CBD products to the public without sales or dispensary permits.

Both New York and Connecticut have just started to allow recreational cannabis sales out of highly regulated dispensaries, and in the coming months, recreational cannabis home deliveries will be allowed to commence with the use of highly regulated delivery services.

If you've taken a ride into New York City recently, you would see with your own eyes that unregulated, illegal cannabis sales are rampant. I was amazed to see these types of mobile dispensaries parked and openly operating on the streets of Manhattan. just posted a report saying that NYC Mayor Eric Adams is holding a press conference this afternoon to address the city's crackdown on the 1,400+ shops illegally selling cannabis products across the five boroughs.

Welcome to Connecticut, we are the land of clamping down on tax evaders with a quickness.

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