Yikes. This really hits home about drug abuse in Connecticut.

As if we needed any more proof about how awful and far reaching this opioid epidemic is, more proof surfaces in Connecticut schools.

In a report from nhregister.com the overdose antidote drug Narcan is being plut in all Milford Connecticut schools. You may not be aware that Narcan has pretty regularly been placed in high schools across the state in the past few years. But this news is just so sad.

Milford has placed Narcan in elementary and middle schools. And while the Milford schools are in the minority, they are certainly not the only school district to do so. An article published in the Hartford Courant back in August says many school nurses around the state now have it available.

While many of the school's said they were keeping the overdose antidote on hand as a preventative measure, to me it's shockingly a testament to how massive the epidemic is. To that end, Connecticut's chief medical examiner is projecting that the number of drug overdose deaths will escalate to over one thousand before the year is up.

All I can say is my god, when will it end?

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