The Undertaker and AJ Styles had one of the most unique matches in Wrestlemania history last night, and Metallica provided the soundtrack.

"Now That We're Dead," from the band's 2016 Hardwired... to Self-Destruct album, served as the Undertaker's entrance and drive-off music for the highly cinematic fight.

With mass gatherings banned as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, pro wrestling's biggest annual event was forced to move from a sold-out Tampa Bay football stadium to the WWE's much smaller performance center. While the rest of last night's matches took place in a ring inside that otherwise empty facility, The Undertaker and Styles' "boneyard match" was filmed at a spooky looking farmhouse, in a style reminiscent of Matt Hardy's recent "broken universe" segments.

Picture Clint Eastwood directing a new CBS action-drama starting Chuck Norris as a retired lawman fighting off mouthy young punks at a small-town cemetery and you're got the basic idea of the story and production values.

Instead of taking his usual extended, pyrotechnics-filled walk to the ring, Undertaker dusted off his former "American Bad Ass" biker persona, riding to the scene of the battle in a flame-painted chopper as Metallica blasted away.

After rather handily dispatching Styles, his two bad-guy wrestling buddies and a half-dozen or so of their faceless minions, Undertaker enjoyed the satisfaction of burying the guy who talked shit about his wife in an actual grave. Then he got back on his bike and drove off into the night, with Metallica once again accompanying him on the journey.

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