I just found out about a cool, monthly event that the City of Meriden and the Meriden Parks & Recreation Department have cooked up for the summer of 2021. They're calling it Castle Craig Full Moon Viewings and if you love the beautiful landscape that Connecticut has to offer and dance with the devil by the pale moonlight, you're in luck.

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Connecticut is home to a few towers that are built on some of it's highest mountain peaks. One that most of you are probably familiar with, especially if you're an 84 commuter, is Castle Craig in Meriden. You've probably seen it in the distance if you've driven through Cheshire on I-84, or anywhere along 691. Below, I've circled the mountain, as seen from I-84 East by Exit 26 in Cheshire.


Castle Craig is part of Meriden's Hubbard Park, which is also home to Meriden's famous Daffodil Festival. The Tower sits atop the East Peak of the mountain, rising up to a height of 976 feet and it offers incredible views of the Connecticut River Valley, all the way, on a clear day, from Long Island Sound to Massachusetts.

Meriden Parks and Recreation is going to take advantage of this incredible asset and its breathtaking views and offer a free, monthly event to the public - "Castle Craig Full Moon Viewings" and the first one is tonight, Thursday, June 24, 2021.

Basically, Meriden Parks & Rec is going to keep the park open this evening and once a month on the night of the full moon, for the duration of summer 2021, so that the public can take in the beautiful view that the powerful light of a full moon offers.

Starting at 6:30 tonight, drive up the Craig Castle access road to the parking area. Parking is limited, so be aware. Bring a chair or blanket and comfortable shoes, it's an estimated 10-15 minute walk to get up to the castle and hang out and enjoy the view, your neighbor's company and a beautiful evening here in Connecticut. The park will stay open until 9:30, but they will not allow anyone to make the trek up to the castle after 8:30 PM.

If you can't make it for tonight's full moon, the schedule for the rest of the year's Castle Craig Full Moon Viewing events are: Weather permitting, Saturday July 24, Sunday August 22, Tuesday September 21, and Wednesday October 20, 2021.

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